With the focus and need to improve educational level along with the development stages; we at Mariagiri are committed to provide and bring in the best facilities for our students. We strive to provide the best facilities that are safe and in par with international standards.


Mariagiri boarding for boys and girls from class fifth onwards aims to develop the personality with special attention to academic excellence and internal developments. Under the guidance of Boarding Rector, Rev. Fathers, Sisters and other teachers, students are given personal attention in studies and extra-curricular activities. The pleasant and comfortable campus helps the students to attain a personality with intellectual, physical and spiritual health.

Mariagiri boarding places a greater emphasis on care for the individual than normally be feasible within the limited time available to a day scholar. Every boarding student is helped to develop to his talents and potential. Each student is monitored carefully on all days of their stay and extra help is given where necessary. Various activities are offered in the mornings, evenings, and at weekends, enable them to develop hidden talents and skills. We aim to produce total quality developed individuals with determination to excel in all walks of life and career.


The wide range of activities provided to occupy the student will make them busy and engaged all throughout their stay in the campus. Most of the facilities of the school including sports center, Activity center, Library and Computer center etc. are open to the boarders for off the class hours. In addition organized outings in weekends and expeditions and field trips are also arranged periodically.


The School implement a carefully planned and implement personal, social, moral, civic,and health education programme for all students.

The Dining halls in the boarding will serve well balanced menu to satisfy the student taste and appetite. The food served is both non vegetarian and vegetarian. Special diet is provided on medical advice if needed.

  1. The parents or guardian has to submit an application in the prescribed form to the Rector for admission of pupil to the boarding house. No admission is made without personal interview by the Rector
  2. Great attention is paid to achieve a high academic standard and character formation of the pupil, so all discipline must be strictly followed
  3. All boarders should obey the rules and regulations of the boarding and should behave gentle, loving and helping one another
  4. Boarders are allowed to go home only during mid term and termly vacations. At other times particular cases will be examined and decided by the Rector. Boarders should go home directly whenever they get vacations
  5. They shall not absent themselves from any community exercise without permission
  6. English is the rule of Language. Offensive literature is strictly forbidden
  7. Strict silence should be maintained in the chapel, in the study hall during study time and in the bathroom at all times. No boarders is allowed to enter other bedrooms
  8. Study time is used only for class subjects and free time may be used for reading library books or other materials supplied from the boarding
  9. Boarders should keep the furniture and compounds neat and clean. The offenders will be seriously dealt with
  10. All boarders are expected to follow the table manners. All complaints should be made to the Rector. No one should mingle with the works
  11. After entering the refectory, all should remain silent until the prayer is over.
    Recreation in the refectory must be in a moderate voice. Those who are ill should inform the Rector and the informants in time
  12. All boarders have to take part in the common spiritual exercises
  13. Nobody shall go out of the boarding without the permission of the Rector.
    Participation in the games is compulsory
  14. Money and other goods transaction is strictly prohibited, and boarders are not allowed to keep any money with them
  15. Boarders are not permitted to send letters through day scholars and workers. All transaction must be made through the Rector
  16. Use of electronic items such as radio, tape recorder, camera, mobile phone, CD set etc. is not allowed
  17. Parents and relatives may visit the boarders, on Saturdays and Sundays, with the permission of Rector. Visitors including parents are not permitted to enter the dormitory, study hall etc.
  18. Boarders are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings
  19. Pupils whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone of the boarding house or incompatible with the discipline, is liable to be dismissed. Those who are dismissed from the boarding will be dismissed from the school also
  20. Edibles are strictly prohibited and not allowed to take food from day scholars and others other than in the boarding
  21. The time table is to be strictly followed
  22. Only formal dress is allowed in chapel and refectory
  23. All necessary stationary items should bring from home
  24. Nobody is allowed to enter the dormitory in school hours
  25. Day scholars are not allowed to enter the boarding at any time


Teaching with Technology and innovations are the new education concept that assists teachers with course-ware and maintenance support in digital format. The technology uses the projected tablet screen to display and write most notes and work in class. The students gets more instructional time because problems or lecture notes are already ready for class. Better assessment system, real-time paper evaluation and abstract concepts made easy to understand. It makes both teaching and learning simple.


Coaching for competitive examination. The school is providing coaching class for entrance tests and other competitive examination in association with Darsana Acadeny.


Science is a vast subject and different career options are available for students to choose from.  However without the proper guidance it becomes difficult for students as well as for parents to select the best option for a bright career. Medical and Engineering are two most popular and most sought career after class 12th science in India. Darsanna enables you to prepare for entrance exam for the medical and engineering courses.  It has a group of specially picked up professors, with years of teaching experience behind them, to guide you to success.


The auditorium with modern audio-visual technology with the sitting capacity of 750 people. It is well equipped, and has a spacious stage.


The new library of the school facilitates planned and implementation of learning programs that will equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing social and economic environment. It has a well stocked collection of books in English, Malayalam and Hindi comprising literature, art, humanities and Science. It provide and promotes quality to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading and to enrich students’ intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.


The school maintains a dispensary with emergency medicines under the charge of a full time teacher. Students who require further care and treatment are referred to the hospital if needed. In case of serious illness, the parents are kept informed about their progress. Routine medical checkups of all students are carried out every year.


Mariagiri Kids Park helps the students to have a personal interaction along with physical and mental relaxation, based on value education. The guidance of teachers and 100% security with an Eco- friendly atmosphere with the shade of shivering pine trees are some of the unique features of the park. Attractive and variety rides for more than 50 students make the school campus very homely.


Computer Lab – The computer lab consists of modern computers having Linux and Windows both installed. The lab has document scanning and printing facilities. Qualified instructor is present all the time to assist students thus enhancing students’ computer literacy. The lab also has internet facility. Staff and students has to access to internet through WIFI system.


Physics Lab – For students to acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning physics, it is essential that they be fully engaged in laboratory activities. This requires sufficient equipment s for students to work out. Although excellent physics learning can take place using the simplest equipment, we use computers and measuring instruments incorporating modern technology, the powerful tools for learning physics concepts and developing skills of measurement, analysis, and processing information.


Chemistry Lab – A well-equipped chemistry lab with all required reagents and apparatus is accessible to students under the expert guidance of chemistry instructor. Students have the access to lab all the time thus making learning chemistry simpler.


Biology Lab – Botany and Zoology labs are present to assist students in biological science. Good collection of specimens, slides library and latest microscopes are some of the highlights. The students are assisted with expert guidance.


The school has a full-fledged football court with gallery which can accommodate 500+ students at a time. Extra volleyball court, 2 badminton courts, and a cricket ground facility are also available. Indoor basketball court gets ready within short time.


School bus service is available to students, scheduled at all places around Peerumedu.


Rules And Regulations

  • Students must maintain the discipline and good habits like patience, tolerance, sympathy, co- operation and consideration for others in the school bus. Complaints if any, to be discussed with the driver and bus attendees and later can be informed to the principal.
  • Strict disciplinary activities will be taken against students who show mischief like disturbing, howling, shouting or throwing articles out of the bus, making comments on the people out side, arguing with them etc.
  • Students should be in the boarding point in time as the bus cannot wait for the late comers.


Holy mass is present in all days for students of all caste and creed. Along with intellectual growth, academic excellence the school also gives stress for moral and spiritual values to students.



The school is managed by the
Arch Eparchy of Kottayam.


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    Mariagiri English Medium Residential Higher Secondary School
    P.B No 13, Peermade P.O,
    Idukki, Kerala, Pin: 685531

    Office: 04869 - 232069
    Principal: +91 8281 537 657 (Fr. Jinu)
    Boarding: +91 9495 962 291 (Fr. Arun)