Upholding the overall development of a child, Mariagiri E.M.H.S.S has provided a variety of co-curricular activities for the students. Mariagiri School has well-conceived and systematically planned programmes for co-curricular and intra-mural activities. They are designed and implemented so as to unveil and to foster the innate talent and potential of the students. Co-curricular activities are of prime importance as they contribute to the all-round development of students. To build talent and develop leadership ability, We organizes debate, quiz, extempore, declamation, elocution, anchoring, solo song, choir singing, drama, music, dance, and other cultural and literary activities both in English and vernacular languages throughout the year.


Good exposure is given to the talented ones through inter-school competitions and other programmes. Student’s mental ability and awareness is actively promoted through clubs like Jr. Red cross, Science Club, Literary Club, Photography Club, Arts Club, Wild-Life Club, Cultural Club, Eco Club, Dramatics Club, Yoga Club and Music Club, etc. Adventurous programmes like, mountaineering, camping, scuba diving, parachute diving, river swimming, trekking and horse riding will be introduced soon. The school is in the process of inducting its students in Scouts and Guides and NCC will soon be materialized. In addition, we have a band team of students under an expert bandmaster.


The students of std I to X have to take part any one of the activities such as Karate, Yoga, Dance, Guitar, Organ, Violin, Vocal music etc. Students are provided with additional facilities for sports and games after classes. Cultural and literary activities are organized a regular basis. Moreover, we encourage and mold the students to participate in competition and activities in district and state level.


With a view to come out of the emotional tensions, physiological and study related problems, counselling has been arranged by trained and experienced counsellors.


Mathematic club is the group which promotes the activities in order to create an interest in mathematics in students. It coordinates different programme like mathematical entertainments, games, debates, discussion, quiz competition etc. It gives an opportunity for group work and thereby indicates the social values like co-operation and unity. This club proposes and presents the new development in the field of mathematics. It creates awareness to the beginners to be with the teachers for better understanding. It also arranges the study tours and classes on mathematical subjects that help the students to grasp modern techniques and development in mathematics. It also contributes and coordinates for the school academics.


Nature Club is an organisation to promote the love towards nature. By participating in the activities of nature club, students try to conserve nature. By loving the nature, they learn to love their fellow beings which help them to lead a peaceful future life. Its objective is to spread awareness among the students about climate change, Rising Sea level, Nuclear waste, Pollution, Deforestation, Land & soil degradation, Extinction of animal species etc. Its motto is to think globally and work locally.


Science Clubs form the backbone of school sponsored co-curricular activities in science. The science club presents an atmosphere in which pupils learn to practice the activities other than the usual class room. In the science club much more than in the class room, learning is fitted to be the development of abilities and interests of the individuals. It is an organisation which helps the students to make an interest in science. It helps them to think in scientific way and encourage them to make research and innovations .It also develops the leadership quality of the students. Through different activities they could contribute their society by giving an awareness of the need for conserving the resources like water, electricity, fuels etc.


Social Science Club is an organization that provides the child from his present family environment to a large family called society and social living. Social Club gives an awareness of the existing customs, changes, policies etc. of the society and persuades him to scan the specialties of this social system. It aims at bringing the child to the stage when he understands that he is a social being and a part of the society. It tries to help the pupil to accustom with the custom of the society and live in accordance with the social awareness. It gives different opportunities for the child to study the prevailing social issues and explores the unity in diversity of the society. The club attracts the attention of them to develop ones creativities in making posters, quiz competition, discussions of relevant matters etc.


The aim of this club is to ensure the campus a tobacco zone. The students are made aware about the bad effects of drugs through different seminars, observing important days and conducting competitions like essay, speech etc. Also this club tries to prevent the abusement of the drugs.


We believe in the maxim, “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body”. The school has a well-developed and spacious playground with various games and sports amenities of National Standard. we gives an equal and phenomenal importance to encourage Inter-House and Inter-School Competitions and participation in State and National Level Sports and Games. Sports and games at the school is conducted under the strict vigilance and guidance of trained and professionally qualified Physical Education Teachers. Mariagiri School has multitudinous facilities for events such as Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming, Badminton and Athletics. (Billiards, Snooker, Archery, Shooting, Judo, Karate are proposed).


The Junior Red Cross is the Student’s Wing of the Red Cross. It is a group movement organized within schools. Pupils who take part in Junior Red Cross activities are known as ‘Juniors’. The school has a Junor Red Cross unit to encourage students to take up social and humanitarian work.


The school organizes three main exhibitions every year. The science club organizes the science exhibition where working models, charts and still models made by the students are displayed. The six houses in the senior section put up a project Exhibition every year. Students work on a theme and put it up for exhibition display. There is also an Art and Craft exhibition in which various types of wood, metal and clay besides painting and sculptured articles are exhibited.


The Social Service League helps all the poor and needy once around the area. The Social Service League has also ad0pted some neighboring schools and caters to all the requirements of the needy once.


Language is a skill to be acquired. Therefore to enable students for higher education in global Environment their Oratory Skills are developed to suit their social and professional needs. Every day in the morning Assembly boys speak on current topics. At ante room time boys are encouraged to speak on the topics given by HM. This enables them to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situations.


To develop confidence in students Elocution Competitions are organized class Wise/House Wise. Students are encouraged to narrate incidents and events, real or imaginary, in a logical & cohesive sequence. Oratory skill is also developed through poetry & extempore.


To Develop artistic skill & confidence all the students have to perform on stage.


Calligraphy competitions are held to develop an artistic sense in pupils, both at class and school level.


Throughout there is a holistic approach to social issues. We teach to foster respect for all religions. To inculcate the human moral- based skits are performed periodically. Religious functions are celebrated.


To develop a sense of creativity and love for nature the children are taught, oil painting, water colour painting, tempera painting, frescoes, collage and mural from class one onwards. Spot painting competitions are also conducted and children are awarded.



The school is managed by the
Arch Eparchy of Kottayam.


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