Student Council

The council helps the principal and the teachers for the smooth running of school.

In our school each year we form student council. Student representatives are usually elected from and by the student body. It may include school pupil leader (SPL), Assistant school pupil leader (ASPL), Sports captain, and House captain for each house. These roles may be voted on, either in the student councillor by the entire student body. The student’s council works under the guidance and super vision of teachers, who are in charge of the students council. The council helps the principal and the teachers for the smooth running of school along with responsibility for making a variety of student activities within our school.

School Council Members

Chirag Joy

School Pupil Leader

Chirag is a well organised person and a committed student. He is enthusiastic and always willing to help others. He is always ready to take up extra chores when asked.

Subeena Sulphikkar

Assistant School Pupil Leader

Subeena loves to help and inspire others and is therefore always willing to take up challenges. Her dedication and compassion makes her a favorite among teachers and peers.

Iren Shaji

Sports Captain

Iren is the ideal person to lead and motivate the sporting team. She has represented the school many times. Her alertness and strategic thinking has brought glory to the school.

Stephan Thomas

Sports Captain

Stephan has all the qualities to lead the School sporting team. He too has represented the school many times and has brought glory to the school.

House Leaders

Alvin Jose & Fabina Mohd.

Ganga House

The color green is the symbol of richness, it also tells us the importance of nature and mother earth. River Ganga is considered sacred and purifies body and soul.

Edwin K. Sibi & Binula Biju

Kavery House

Blue color represent knowledge, depth and vastness. It is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. Kaveri literally means “Jeevanadhi” - a river supporting life.

Albin Sakaria & Linta Maria

Yamuna House

“Yamuna”, a river associated with our countries glorious past and a whole civilization that grew around it. The color orange radiates warmth and happiness.

Shibin Sivy & Betsy Shibu

Narmada House

Narmada is one of the largest river. Narmada in Sanskrit language means “Giver of pleasure” and the color Violet stimulates the imagination.



The school is managed by the
Arch Eparchy of Kottayam.



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