Rules & Regulations

Students and parents are expected to follow the school rules at all times.

The school rules have been established in partnership with the management, parents and teachers over the years. They reflect the school community’s expectations in terms of acceptable standards of behaviour, dress and personal presentation in the widest sense. Students and parents are expected to follow the school rules at all times.


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  • Punctuality, regularity and cleanliness is expected from every student
  • Classes will be held from 9.25am to 3.25pm. Students should reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell at 9.15am
  • Students who enter the school premises before the first bell should remain in their respective classrooms in silence and revise the previous day’s portion
  • Late comers should meet the principal before entering the class and report to the class teacher during free time
  • Habitual late coming will be dealt with seriously
  • Students are not permitted to leave school before the appointed time

Handbook & ID Card

  • Students must bring the Handbook to school daily
  • Identity Card is a part of the school uniform and must be worn everyday


  • The school uniform is compulsory and violators will be fined
  • Pupils should be neat and clean in person and in dress
    • For boys:
      • Earrings strictly not allowed
      • Must have a trimmed haircut
    • For girls:
      • Not permitted to Wear long/ hanging earrings and fancy jewellery. Use simple studs only


Only English should be spoken in the school premises and in the school bus, to acquire greater fluency in the use of the language.


  • No student is allowed to loiter on the verandas or go to other class rooms and boarding without permission the from the principal during morning study
  • Strict silence must be observed between two periods
  • Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct will be inculcated and insisted on
  • Running, playing and shouting inside the school building is not allowed
  • Every pupil must behave gently in and out the school so as to bring credit to his parents and to the school
  • Autographs, exchanging edibles are strictly prohibited
  • School authorities have the right to check the bags and articles of the students in the school
  • The staff has joint responsibility for the studies and discipline of pupils. The teachers shall take action on any miss-behavior of pupils
  • Irregular attendance, non -payment of fees, habitual dis obedience and conduct injurious to the normal tone of the school, justify dismissal at any time of the year
  • Students shall not collect money, arrange picnic, join sports and games with out the permission of the principal
  • Every pupil must be willing and ready to help others. Every one should uphold the dignity of labour and virtue of charity
  • Any injury or accident to students while in school will be reported at home / guardian. For such an unintentional situation, the school shall not be held responsible
  • Pupils will at all times show respect and reverence to school authorities and members of the staff
  • Collection of funds or giving gift to any one for any purpose, must be with the permission of the principal
  • Any misbehavior of a serious nature that has become public is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal even if if has taken place outside the school premises


  • There will be mid – term test and terminal examinations. Progress report is made after the examinations
  • Promotion and the detention will be as per the rules and norms of the department of education and according to the school discipline
  • Malpractice in examination is a grave offense. If any correction is done on the answer sheet or report card by the student, he/she may not be allowed to continue in the school, according to the gravity of the offense


Students should make the maximum use of the library. In case of the damage or loss of book, the student will have to pay fine as assessed by the Librarian.

Science & Computer Labs

  • Never enter a laboratory without the teacher’s permission
  • Always listen carefully to instructions
  • Do not run in the lab
  • Coats and bags are to be under the bench at all times
  • Always wear goggles when told to
  • Tie back long hair and loose clothing
  • Do not touch gas, water or electrical fittings unless told to do so
  • Never eat or drink in the lab
  • Report any chemical spills or accidents to the teacher
  • Wash any chemicals off your hand and clothes immediately

School Transport

  • Students must maintain discipline and good habits like patience, tolerance, sympathy, co-operation and consideration for others in the school bus. Complaints if any, to be discussed with the driver and bus attendees and can be informed to the principle
  • Strict disciplinary activities will be taken against students who show mischief like disturbing howling, shouting or throwing articles out of the bus, making comments on the people outside, arguing with them etc.
  • Students should be in the boarding point in time as the bus cannot wait for late comers


Damage to school property, disfiguring of walls and furniture, indecent language or behavior are serious offense which may entail punishment and even dismissal.


Pupils should keep the class rooms and school premises absolutely clean, thus promote clean environment.


Pupils should be responsible for the safety of their belongings. They are advised not to bring any costly articles to the school.


Leave of absence must be obtained by written application from the parents or guardians and get it countersigned by the principal.

School Fees

Tuition fee should be paid in three installments at the beginning of each term. Students will not be allowed to write examination if the fees are not remitted in time.


Pupils should not bring any magazine, CD’s, mobile phone, Pen drive, I pod, camera etc. to the school without the permission of the principal.


All are required to take part in curricular and co-curricular activities with a healthy spirit of competition.

To The Parents

  • Kindly provide your ward with all the prescribed text books, notebooks, dictionaries, geometry box and other materials according to the class
  • Prescribe a definite time for your ward’s study at time Ensure your ward comes on time and wears the complete school uniform
  • Do not meet the teachers during class time, without the prior permission of the principal
  • Parents must attend the PTA meetings or school functions when they are expected to do so
  • Parents can meet the teachers on the Thursday of every week between 1:30 pm to 3.30 pm.
  • Parents must compulsorily attend the class PTA meetings. Parents of boarders must lso attend the class PTA
  • Complaints and grievances must be brought to the principal. Try to maintain healthy and smooth relationship with the school
  • Evaluate your ward’s class activities and encourage them to acquire general knowledge
  • Inform change of address, phone number etc. immediately to the school office
  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the principal and teachers and visit the school at least once in a term. Parents must go through the hand book regularly and acknowledge the remarks of the teachers if any



The school is managed by the
Arch Eparchy of Kottayam.


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